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A tool for reflecting on and sharing your Splinterlands season play. Requires Hive Keychain.

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Disclaimer:Information is gathered from Splinterlands servers. Human error could result in mistakes in the representation of the presented data.


- Tournament Fees are estimated based on player's league at season end.

- Tournaments entered using non-Splinterlands tokens may not show.

Change Log:

2022/12/18: SPS and Voucher rewards updated to include amounts either missed or not previously added.

2022/09/04: Players without ranked battles should now be able to generate a tournament/rental report if data is available.

2022/08/31: SPS Ranked Battle Rewards Added.

2022/05/22: Season 73 end date changed, with the historical schedule altered by Splinterlands.

2022/02/05: Tournaments bug fixes and fees schedule. Battle Statistics that have been 'offline' have been removed.

2022/06/02: Chaos Legion Packs & Symbols: 🟣 DEC, 🟡 CREDITS, ⭐SPS, 🎟️ VOUCHER

Read the latest updates on @splinterstats or visit us in Discord if you have any questions.

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